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About Vertex Color Lighting Shader

A simple shader that makes use of a model's vertex colors as lighting. Requires a full recompile of the model after setting at least one of its materials to this shader or any other shader that also uses vertex colors.

Includes RGB sliders that can adjust the vertex color's brightness and saturation.
The saturation multiplies the vertex colors by itself through exponents. For example, VColor^2 where the 2 is the value of the saturation sliders.
1 is the default which has no extra saturation. 0 is no saturation at all which effectively removes vertex colors from the material.

Includes texture filtering options of the most commonly used ones, such as Anisotropic or Point Sample.

Includes texture wrapping options for UVW, such as Wrap or Clamp.

Includes support for normal maps, roughness, metalness, and ambient occlusion.

Vertex Color Lighting Shader

Shader for vertex color lighting

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