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Game Contest 1

Our first game contest, we're awarding £20,000 to the best games!

Game Contest

We've had great success with game contests in Garry's Mod in the past. They have produced some of the most played content today, so we're hoping to recreate that magic again.
You'll have until March 17th to submit your games on, we encourage you to upload early and play test frequently.


There are no themes or any other restrictions - just make something fun!
Only one submission per person 
Teams are fine, but only one person can submit a game
You must have the right to use all content in your game
You are welcome to use any content from facepunch's org
Entering an older game is fine
Contest starts 16th February 2024
Contest ends 17th March 2024 (end of day BST)
Results will be announced on 22nd March 2024
Your game needs to be public on
Submission page will be revealed next week


Judgement will be by the Facepunch team. The games won't be judged on a single criteria. We'll be looking at many things, like gameplay, polish, visuals, play time, user reviews.
We're also excited to introduce GUS, our new AI bot that represents the zenith of game evaluation technology. This AI has undergone a rigorous training regimen, ingesting a vast amount of historic game reviews, meticulously scraped from the far reaches of the internet - a process that pushed the boundaries of ethical data acquisition. 
We also incorporated data from an unexpected source, discovered within the troves of last year's Meta leaks.. an old backup of Carmack's brain.
This unique blend of traditional game critique and pioneering neural architecture has birthed an AI with an unprecedented understanding of game design and player engagement. With its deep convolutional neural networks and sophisticated natural language processing algorithms, our AI bot is set to revolutionize game reviewing, providing insights and analyses that are both profound and nuanced.


The prize pool of £20,000 will be distributed between the top 5 games like so:
?? 1st: £10,000
?? 2nd: £5,000
?? 3rd: £2,500
?? 4th: £1,500
?? 5th: £1,000


This is our first time doing this in s&box, and we need to build a bunch of backend systems for it. So consider this a dress rehearsal with live ammo.  This is something we want to start doing a few times a year, so lets all be friends and encourage each other, and we'll do it more.
Our intention here is to create playable content to show the new engine off. This is why we didn't add restriction on theme or anything.. because we want a different variety of games rather than a bunch of Valentine themed games, etc.
We're still closed alpha. Don't worry though - we will be releasing more invite keys over the next few weeks, so you might still get a chance to join.

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