Sandbox Logo
Game Jam Winners
We asked the contest winners to give us a break down of their games!
Game Jam Debrief
A debrief on the our first game contest
Game Contest 1
Our first game contest, we're awarding £20,000 to the best games!
Hackweek Feb 2024
Here's a bunch of stuff that we did with s&box during our hack week
We've finally switched to Vulkan - and everything's the same
Action Graph
S&box has visual scripting now
The Scene System
We've been working away in relative secret for the last few months. Here's what we were doing.
Invites have been paused - here's what we're doing.
Invite System
How the developer preview invite codes work
Single Game Project
We've changed how creating & editing games work, here's why and how
Asset System
Blurring the line between your hard drive and the cloud
Code Libraries
Code Sharing
Videos & Animated Images
We added support for mp4, webm, gif and animated webp.
Game Menus
Games can now make their own menu system
UI Improvements
We have improved the UI system! Again!
Input Actions
Games can define their own binds!
Area Lights
Shining a new light to the stage.
Glass Shader
We reworked the Glass shader and it's nice and shiny, optionally.
Hammer Gizmos
Allowing custom scene editors in Hammer
Valve gave us new vis code
Source Film Maker
Some new features for SFM and our future plans for it.
Shader Graph
Shader Graph is here.. what it can do and future plans for it
Hack Week
We had another hack week
Style Editor
The UI inspector and the new style inspector
November 2022
It was another hackweek at Facepunch this month so we all had a week off from our regular work, but to make up for it we worked extra hard for the rest of the month!
October 2022
Addons, Razor, New Menu, Hammer API, More Cloud Assets
September 2022
Cloud Assets!!
August 2022
The one with the hack week games
July 2022
Collision rework, tools, editor and more tools.
June 2022
Performance and editor stuff
May 2022
Sound stuff, tool stuff, shader stuff
April 2022
More bleedin' tools.
March 2022
Tools stuff, workflow stuff, graphics stuff, server stuff, clothes stuff and much more!
January 2022
Editor mode, addon uploads, controller support, post processing improvements, and a bunch more this month.
November 2021
This month we worked on tools, post processing, vr, water, destruction and a bunch of other stuff.
October 2021
Lobbies, tools and shaders this month!
September 2021
Lots of Tools and Networking improvements stuff this month
August 2021
Lots of VR stuff this month, but as usual we did lots of other stuff too
July 2021
This month we had an influx of new users and content, so had to make room for it. And a bunch of other stuff.
June 2021
This month saw major level ups in UI, AI and player animations!
May 2021
Community requests, lots of refactoring and a bit of experimentation this month.
April 2021
We gave out a dev preview and spent the whole month cleaning up the mess.
March 2021
The headliners this month are prediction and addon downloading, but we did a ton of stuff.
February 2021
This month we worked on systems for decals, surface properties and sounds and a ton of other stuff.
January 2021
This month we fleshed out the API with things like ragdolls, particles, model data access, physics constraints, ui, hitboxes and a ton of other stuff.
December 2020
This month we mainly worked on UI, physics constraints, shaders, inventory, weapons and viewmodels.
Laying Foundations
A huge amount of progress has been made in the past month, here's a breakdown of some of that.
New Engine
We switched engines again, but for the last time.
Lockdown Progress
Source 2 is still eluding us but here's some stuff I've managed to get done without it.
Exploring Panorama
Panorama is the UI system Valve uses in Source 2. Here's how I'm hoping to use it in Sandbox.
Back Online
We've been on an extended break for a while. Here's why that is and what's happening now.
Devblog 7
What we've been working on.
Devblog 6
What we've been working on this month.
Dev Blog 5
Our first proper "what we're doing" devblog this week, rather than the single subject blogs we've posted in the past.
Dev Blog 4 - Assets
Our plans with Textures, Materials, Sounds, Maps
Dev Blog 3 - UI
How we're using HTML to create a modder friendly UI system
Dev Blog 2 - C#
How we're using C# in Sandbox.
Dev Blog 1 - Webcon
About the web console system.