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16 July 2023

Single Game Project

We've changed how creating & editing games work, here's why and how
The developer experience wasn't great for beginners, you'd start the editor and be thrown straight to the main menu with shit everywhere. It wasn't obvious where to start.

So we've made some big changes with the editor experience, now everything is based around having one game project open at a time.

We're still working out the kinks, but we can already see the direction is good.
This is the new startup window, you create and open your games from here, we wanted to make it quick and easy to jump in and start creating.

Content Mode
For creating content that isn't a game like maps, models or addons we have Content Mode which will take you to the editor without a dedicated game loaded, here you can work on content projects.
As soon as you open your project your game's menu is front and center, it's quick and easy to start developing and testing your game.

Because we're only loading your game, load times have been significantly faster. There's also no longer a problem with conflicting assets and asset types across multiple games.
We won't pretend this new system is perfect just yet. We're still in the process of refining and adjusting this single-game focus. As with anything, there will be growing pains - and we appreciate your feedback during this process.

Hopefully you can see the main benefits: the learning curve is less steep for newcomers, whereas existing developers get something leaner and faster.

This should all act as a catalyst for many more exciting things to come that wouldn't be possible otherwise too.