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21 March 2023


Valve gave us new vis code

Vis3 is the new version of map visibility that was kindly given to us by Valve to keep us more up to date with their current engine. They take the time to help us integrate new features which is very much appreciated.

It is worth noting that this isn't a miracle solution to large outdoor maps but a good improvement compared to the old Vis2.

Compile times for map vis should be improved, we were seeing a x6 improvement when compiling our Construct map. It does this while creating a higher voxel resolution and reduced file size.

Runtime performance hasn't been fully tested yet but I'm interested to see what gains people see there.
Maps with old vis will load normally but will have empty vis created, this will just mean you will have no vis culling when inside a room etc.

To get vis on your map again, a map recompile is needed. You should only have to recompile vis again, not a full lighting recompile. Hopefully this will be faster now and you can tell us about it.

This is a pretty big change so if any problems pop up, tell us and we'll get them fixed.