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Scene System

  • Component A GameObject can have many components, which are the building blocks of the game.
  • GameObject An object in the scene. Functionality is added using Components. A GameObject has a transform, which explains its position, rotation and scale, …
  • GameObjectSystem Allows creation of a system that always exists in every scene, is hooked into the scene's lifecycle, and is disposed when the scene is dispo…
  • Scene


  • Application
  • Easing Easing functions used for transitions. See for examples.
  • Game
  • Gizmo
  • Http Lets your game make async HTTP requests.
  • Json A convenience JSON helper that handles Sandbox.Resource types for you.
  • Noise Provides access to coherent noise utilities. All of these functions should return between -1 and 1.
  • RealTime Access to time.
  • Time



  • Input Allows querying of player button presses and other inputs.
  • Mouse Gives access to mouse position etc


  • Sound Single source for creating sounds
  • SoundHandle A handle to a sound that is currently playing. You can use this to control the sound's position, volume, pitch etc.


  • Connection A connection, usually to a server or a client.
  • Networking Global manager to hold and tick the singleton instance of NetworkSystem.

Common Structs

  • Angles Euler angles. Unlike a <see cref="T:Rotation">Rotation</see>, Euler angles can represent multiple revolutions (rotations) around an axis, but su…
  • Color Represents a color using 4 floats (rgba), with 0-1 range.
  • Ray A struct describing an origin and direction
  • Rotation Represents a Quaternion rotation. Can be interpreted as a direction unit vector (x,y,z) + rotation around the direction vector (w) which represent…
  • Transform A struct containing a position, rotation and scale. This is commonly used in engine to describe entity position, bone position and scene object …
  • Vector2 A 2-dimensional vector. Typically represents a position or size in 2D space.
  • Vector3 A point in 3D space.


Live Services

  • Leaderboards
  • Stats Allows access to stats for the current game. Stats are defined by the game's author and can be used to track anything from player actions to per…